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Vista Software is pleased to announce Vista Time, a time clock system for Vista Iowa users who are looking for an easy and cost-effective time tracking solution.


Save administration time while tracking staff time

Staff easily punch in and out in either the Employee Self Service(which they are already using) or with our simple web time-clock. Both are easy to use and easy to understand. Vista Time is perfectly integrated with Vista Iowa Payroll, saving you time.


Helpful Features

Employees can be configured to either punch in and out or fill out weekly timesheets. Using schedules, users can generate a report to show the difference between an employee’s schedule and punched time. Users have a handy and quick view of common exceptions such as missed punches, unapproved punches, unapproved leaves as well as those who are nearing overtime.


Integrated directly into Payroll Gross Pay

Time is directly linked to Unit Gross Pay in the Payroll system. When a pay cycle is complete, data is pushed directly into Payroll without downloading or uploading any files!


Integrated with Leave Requests

Leave Requests are perfectly integrated into Vista Time. An employee’s leave request becomes paid time(when the leave is configured as a “paid leave”). Specific leave types can be configured to count towards overtime, such as Professional Leave.


IP Address limiting to ensure compliance

Vista Time can limit punches to an IP address or range by employee. Punches made from unauthorized IP addresses can be allowed yet flagged for review, or completely restricted altogether.


Contact your Vista Consultant today to ask how Vista Time can meet your time tracking needs!


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