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Accounting Software

Iowa's Premier School Accounting Software

The Vista Iowa Accounting System is the premier system for Iowa Fund Accounting and GAAP reporting requirements.


The system supports double-entry accounting automatically, as well as containing extensive checks, edits, and security measures to ensure proper management and control of funds.

All changes are audited logged, and proper internal controls are able to be enforced via user configuration. 

Features and Modules included with Vista Accounting

  • Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable 

  • Purchase Orders System

    • Allows for requesting, approval and printing

    • Encumbers accounts to compliment Accounts Payable

  • Expense & Mileage Claims Reimbursement

    • Employees can request reimbursement via ESS

    • Employees can be reimbursed via EFT

  • Budget Reconciliation, Preparation, and Reporting

  • Import of cleared checks from your Bank 

  • Full Bank Reconciliation feature

  • Vista Software files 1099 data to the IRS on your behalf

  • Cross-year Grant Reporting

  • CAR Extract

...and much, much more!


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