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Notice of Planned Downtime 
July 22nd @ 4:00pm to July 23rd @ 8:00pm

All Vista Software Systems will be inaccessible starting at 4:00pm on Saturday July 22nd until late in the evening on Sunday July 23rd.  Please plan accordingly, as in, have yourself an actual weekend!  

We apologize for this interruption but are looking forward to what this downtime will bring. Our systems are being moved into a new cloud server environment that will prove to be more available, more secure, more redundant and more powerful.  


We know many of our clients log in on the weekend when it's "quiet" to be able to power through their long to-do lists.  We also see plenty of traffic on the weekend to ESS (Employee Self-Service).  ESS users will be shown a message on the login screen indicating that the system is inaccessible until Sunday evening.   If your district does a newsletter or bulletin board, please consider notifying your staff of this downtime in advance of the weekend.  


​It is our goal to provide you with reliable and secure software that you can count on day after day, year after year.  ​This weekend's downtime puts us in a strong position to do just that. 

The weekend of July 22nd, you'll be able to work most of the day on Saturday, if you need to.  However, we hope you are able to step away from the desk for a bit and enjoy your weekend.  :-) 

Rich Toomsen

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