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Grant Wood Business Software is becoming VISTA IOWA Business Software
on July 1st, 2021

To my colleagues in school business,

Soon, you'll start to see a new name on our software. Grant Wood Business Software is becoming VISTA IOWA. To you, your staff and employees, nothing else about the software and its support will change. You’ll still be reaching out to the same people and using the same great software.  

I feel so strongly about this software and this team of people, that I didn’t even blink when the opportunity presented itself to make this endeavor private. I've been building and perfecting our Business Software at Grant Wood for nearly 25 years serving the latter half of my career as the lead application developer and product manager.  I am immensely proud of the legacy that Grant Wood Administrative Business Systems has created over its nearly 45-year history, and I look forward to building on to that legacy into the future.

We are deeply grateful to the administration at Grant Wood AEA for the opportunity to carry this torch forward.   

Thank you for your trust in us - we look forward to finding new and exciting ways to better serve you!

- Rich Toomsen, founder of Vista Software LLC

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